I’ve been working with Billy for a year and a half now and seen a massive improvement in my performance. The training plans giving to me were tailored to meet my personal circumstances allowing me to get the best results from the amount of training time I had. I would recommend working with with a coach to get the most from your training and I would have no hesitation recommending working with Billy.


Time Trial & Road

I have been coached by Billy for three years now and have gone from strength to strength. The structured training plans, coaching and advice have helped me develop as an athlete both on the road in time trialling, and on the track in various disciplines. The use of Training Peaks to access and analyse the training sessions, and the feedback from Billy on my uploaded sessions has helped me peak for major events and address training needs in order to improve. One to one and group sessions at the velodrome have helped improve my track-craft and tactical skills in racing. I would recommend Billy as a coach if you want to improve your fitness and racing abilities.

Track & Time Trial

Thanks to your excellent training programme I got my first British Cycling Point at the Lake of Mentieth race. Cheers



Billy provides a tailored schedule that fits my needs as a mature rider coming late to the sport, and supports my goals. The sessions Billy has put together are hard work, but if they don’t take you out of the comfort zone, they’re not going to be effective. I’m now doing stuff as a warm-up that I was doing 2 years ago as a training effort. I’ve seen my output increase and my times reduce. I’m fitter, stronger and faster than I’ve ever been.